Welcome to Up Late With Tristan & Cindy

We have been in Canada for a few months now and are almost feeling like locals.  Just the other day, we were wandering through the Queen West neighbourhood and realised, for the first time, we actually knew exactly where we were and how to get home!

Anyway, now that we are somewhat settled in, we thought we would dive into sharing our first blog post so you can all have a little snapshot into what we have been up to.

Firstly, we have established ourselves a nice little home in Yorkville.  For those playing in Canberra, Yorkville is a little bit like Manuka but in a more Braddon-esque location.  It is an apartment, but the locals here call it a “condo” because it has a gym and a concierge.  [Apartments are apparently not all that special, but condo living is pretty swish.]

Our little condo has served as a convenient base for exploring Downtown Toronto, with most of our weekends spent trekking around the city on foot visiting the different neighbourhoods.  Hopefully you will find that to be the case too when you come and visit!

When venturing further than our legs can carry us, BJ has been our handy road tripping companion and has taken us to Niagara and Amish Country as well as across the border to Cleveland.  We will hopefully get a few snaps and stories up on these travels in the not too distant future.

We have otherwise tried to immerse ourselves in the Toronto lifestyle, which we understand means fully embracing all things sport.  To that end, we have attended more sporting events in the last four months than four years, including a basketball game, an ice hockey game, three baseball games and a Canadian football game.  [Sorry Melbourne, but Toronto is giving you a run for your money on the sporting front!]

Hopefully this little taster into our lives here in Toronto has piqued your interest.  Join us Up Late for another post soon!

– T & C


2 thoughts on “Welcome to Up Late With Tristan & Cindy

  1. This looks fantastic! Looking forward to more posts – trust this means my travel itinerary for Canada is pretty much done 😉


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