Happy Birthday, Tristan!

It’s Tristan’s birthday today!  We celebrated with cupcakes at the stroke of midnight followed by a delicious dinner out at Sassafraz in Yorkville this evening.

Version 2

You’re never too old to blow out candles and make a wish!

But more on that later! For now, in celebration of all things Tristan, we thought we would share a post dedicated solely to him. So here are some random tidbits about Tristan you may or may not already know:

Nicknames: Big Nuts (or Uncle Big Nuts to some of the younger members of Cindy’s family), Boof, Chirpy (to Mum only), Fatty, T-Bone, Trist, Tris (to Nanna only), Mr. T, Biggy and Nuttus. [I’m sure I’ll be told if I have missed any!]

Age: 33 years (technically as of yesterday, because I was born in Australia and it is almost a day ahead of Canada!)

Favourite cake: Chocolate Mud.

Favourite sport to play: Basketball, because it’s the sport I’m currently playing.

Favourite sport to watch: I feel I should throw a bit of home town love in and say AFL.  I still rate sitting in a packed MCG as one of the greatest sporting experiences in the world.  Then again, I have always rated ice hockey as one of the best live sports to watch. So, it would be a close call between the two.

Favourite breakfast food: Pancakes with maple syrup (even before I moved to Canada).

Favourite ice cream: I don’t have a favourite, I just like ice cream.  If I had to pick, probably chocolate, caramel or cookies and cream.

Coffee: Flat white (basically a latte, if you’re not familiar with the Australian coffee scene).

Manual or Auto: Manual (even though BJ is an auto).

Over or Under: Over.

Boxers or Briefs: Briefs.

Zee or Zed: Zed.

Cats or Dogs: Both, but if I could only have one, I would probably say I’m a cat person.

Number of shoes: 8 that are in use or in my regular rotation.

If you were gay, who would your life partner be? In the past, I might have said Johnny Depp, but he has kind of turned me off with the recent Pistol and Boo controversy.

Countries I have been to: Australia, United Kingdom, Ireland, France (and Reunion Island), Hong Kong (back when it wast still officially its own country), Canada, United States of America, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, China, Turkey, Greece, Austria, Germany, Netherlands, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Portugal, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Czech Republic, New Zealand, Cook Islands, Japan, Morocco, Monaco, Kenya, Tanzania, United Arab Emirates, Vietnam and Malaysia. 37 down, 158 to go! [Or anywhere between 158 and 212, depending on what list you are using.]

Favourite travel story: I was travelling from Samburu National Reserve back to Nairobi.  The tour I was with dropped me off at the nearby matatu (shuttle bus/van) stop in Archers Post to take the matatu into the town of Isiolo to get a bus back to Nairobi.  I was on the matatu and halfway to Isiolo when the matatu broke down.  We were stuck on the side of the road while the driver was trying to find a replacement bus to come and get us.  After about an hour, some of the passengers managed to flag down a local driving past in his ute.  About 15 of us piled into the back of this ute, and there I was with my big backpack and all of my belongings, crammed in with all of the locals for the 20 km (12.43 mi.) trip into Isiolo.  It’s my favourite travel story because it’s the stereotypical image of places like Africa where things always break down.  You would never contemplate jumping into the back of a stranger’s ute when you’re at home, but when you’re on the other side of the world and it’s either that or a 20 km walk into town in an unfamiliar place, it’s like “oh well“, you just go with it and hope for the best!  [NB: a ute is an Australian utility vehicle similar to a North American pick up truck.]


That’s it for tonight.  If you want to know more about Tristan, pop your questions in the comments below or get in touch!

– T & C (but mostly T)

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