High / Low – September 29, 2016

In an effort to get into the habit of writing more regularly, we thought we would start doing a weekly ‘High / Low‘ post, sharing (as the name suggests) our highs and lows for the week just passed.  So, without further ado, here is this week’s:




Aimless wandering on foot along Bloor Street West on Sunday, all the way from Christie Pits Park to the trendy Bloor West Village. We decided to go in a different direction to our usual wanderings and got to see some new parts of the city and enjoy the beautiful fall weather.

Sunset on Dupont Street

The sun setting provided a beautiful backdrop (and some pretty great lens flare) for our walk home from Christie Pits along Dupont Street.

And, if not our weekend stroll, this public notice definitely comes a pretty close second for this week’s High!


Spotted near Bay & St. Mary.  Please help find and return Dardarrob’s comb!


I woke up this morning and somehow got the idea that it was the weekend (despite the fact my alarm was going off) and enjoyed a slightly confused few minutes of sleepy bliss before I realised that, no, it was only Thursday and I did have to get out of bed after all 😦




It probably would have been the same as Tristan’s, except that on Wednesday, Annie of Chu on This spoiled me out with a night out to see the premiere of This is for Toronto (a film about the burgeoning entertainment industry in Toronto), which ended with me getting to be a foodie groupie while she toured the Che food truck parked outside. Late night Argentinian food on a school night – it’s pretty hard to beat!

Sunset at Polson Pier

Here’s a photo I took from Polson Pier where the event was being held. The sunsets over Toronto and Lake Ontario are just… wow!


Wandering back along Queen Street West after Just for Laughs only to find a drug addled woman trying to get into our Baby Jeep.  Having to approach her to ask her what she was doing was pretty awkward but the real low came afterward when I was left pondering how many other random strangers with less than clean hands have been touching my car door handle. [Note to self: must buy hand sanitiser to keep in the car!]


On an entirely separate note, just a little shout out to our sister, Fiona, on her North American birthday!  Hope you had a wonderful day.  We are looking forward to seeing you over here in Canada in the (hopefully) not too distant future.  Have a look at our Bucket List and start selecting some things to check off with us!

Love you lots – T&C (xxx)

Fiona & Cindy

And for good measure, here’s a snapshot from years past, when Cindy used to let Fiona boss her around!



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