High / Low – October 27, 2016

It has been a relatively quiet couple of weeks as Cindy finally knuckled down to do a little bit of study in preparation for her Canadian Administrative Law exam. That said, we still managed to squeeze in a few fun things. Last weekend, after months of on and off research, we expanded our Nikon family with the addition of a D7100, christening it with a trip out to Hamilton for a photo tour of the Webster’s Falls / Dundas Peak area (although, we didn’t actually find the route to either landmark). And this week saw another couple of visitors from Canberra, stopping by Toronto while on their own North American adventure. It was great to catch up, laugh over our ‘lost in translation‘ moments, and just hear the familiar Aussie accent. As always, we also enjoyed tonnes of great food (including a delicious care package from home) and watched plenty of sport. Read on to find out what made our High / Low.



It’s hard to pick out a single high since our last post but I’m going to give this week’s prize to Koyoi, a surprising little Japanese restaurant we stumbled across just as we were giving up on finding somewhere to eat on our way home late last Friday night.

As we were wandering through the usual mix of crazies that occupy Yonge Street at any time of day or night, we spotted a nice and, most importantly, warm looking restaurant down a side street and decided to pop our heads in to escape the chilly autumn night and warm our bellies with some yummy food. To cut a long story short, we both ended up thoroughly satisfied by a delicious dinner of edamame, okonomiyaki and ramen, washed down with delicious pint of Sapporo… and to Cindy’s delight they even had ceiling lights directly above the table, providing the perfect light for the traditional pre-dinner photo session 😝


At the risk of coming across a tad one-dimensional, the Blue Jays have the honour of shifting from the high column to the low this week (well technically fortnight since we missed our post last week). After the excitement of watching their barnstorming run through the Wild Card game and then through the ALCS it all went downhill fast as the Blue Jays were thoroughly outclassed by Cleveland (making it the second time this year a Cleveland team is headed to the finals at the expense of Toronto 😞)…. but don’t worry, I’ll be okay, the basketball has started again and the Raptors kicked off their season in style with a big win last night! 😉




If I had written my High / Low last week, receiving the care package from home would definitely have been my high, particularly as it is the gift that keeps giving… giving more nights of binge eating Tim Tams, that is!

However, writing it with another week in the bag, I have to say that my high is really a 50/50 split between two big tasks I have recently been involved in. Firstly, I got to see six months of behind the scenes work come to fruition with the launch of my sister and brother-in-law’s company website, which I recently helped re-design. It has been my first real foray into web design, so to see it come to life and go live without a hitch was a fantastic feeling. If you would like to check out my work, head on over and take a gander at the launch video on their Facebook page.

The other half of my high is sitting my exam today. Well, not the actual sitting of the exam, which came with the usual numb hand from three hours of non-stop writing, but the post-exam knowledge that I will now be able to have a real break this weekend. Even though I’m not a serious study-er, the looming exam definitely weighed on me and I am looking forward to a guilt-free sleep in on Saturday. And… with all of the Halloween activities on offer in Toronto this weekend, hopefully my next high for High / Low will be something far more interesting than finishing an exam!


Last High / Low, I wrote about the change in seasons, with my high being the beautiful fall colours spreading across the city. Unfortunately, this time, it is the change in seasons which is my low!

Canadians are often surprised when I talk about Australia having four seasons. The common misconception seems to be that Australia is a tropical, year-round summer country and that I must misunderstand what four seasons means. Of course, anyone that has lived in Australia (at least anyone who has lived south of Queensland) knows that Australia genuinely has four seasons – not just ‘we don’t know what real cold is‘ four seasons, but Four. Real. Seasons. Summer is hot. Winter is cold (yes, we even get snow). And Australia has autumn, when the deciduous trees lose their leaves, and spring, when everything is in bloom.

To me, the most notable difference between Australia’s four seasons and Canada’s four seasons (other than the fact that, yes, the temperature drops far further below zero here), is that the transitional seasons (i.e. spring and autumn) actually do their transitioning over a much shorter period of time here in Canada. So, although the seasons here (like in Australia) last about three months each, in the space of one week, we have seen the temperature drop from warmish-able-to-sit-outside-at-lunch-time weather to a forecast for snow last night! The same happens during spring,  which I recall changed from incredibly cold to steamy hot over a week in May.

So, my low this week is the sudden and unexpected cold that has hit Toronto. (Don’t be surprised, though, if the cold becomes my high soon when it blankets the city with some beautiful white snow.)

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