Our baby turned one today!

Yet another birthday in the Up Late family. It is amazing how quickly time passes. It seems like only yesterday that I was arriving to meet the new addition to our family. And now, here BJ is today, turning one. Happy birthday, little guy!

Tristan & BJ on Day 1

My first photo with BJ.

It has been a great year for BJ. In just one year, he has achieved so much and been on some great adventures. Here he is with Erin’s Kitty lining up to cross the border into the USA while we were on our way to Cleveland, Ohio.

Waiting with #erinskitty to cross the border in the USA.

And here he is in Mennonite Country, where horse power literally means powered by a horse.

Hanging out in Mennonite country.

Of course, it hasn’t all been good times. Reasonably early in his life, BJ was the unsuspecting victim of a scratch and run while waiting patiently for us at the local supermarket.

BJ's first boo boo.

BJ’s first boo boo.

Fortunately, the injury wasn’t too serious, and we managed to patch him up with a touch-up pen and the trusty guidance of YouTube. For his bravery, we rewarded BJ with a full interior and exterior detail and a set of big boy winter tyres just before Christmas, something which will see him through a whole raft of road adventures in the coming months.

BJ gets his big boy tyres.

BJ’s new snow tyres to take on the wild Canadian roads this winter.

Well, little guy, it’s been a great first year. We are so grateful to have you on this Canadian adventure with us and are looking forward to having you by our side as we enjoy yet another glorious year!

– Papa T

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