Canada Bingo: Toronto Edition

We had some family come to visit us over the Christmas / New Year period. With just a couple of weeks to show them around our new home, we thought it would be a bit of fun to make a game of it – enter Canada Bingo, the Toronto edition.

We designed Canada Bingo to highlight some of the more Canadian things we have discovered while here, and tried to include a mix of tourist attractions, foodie activities, and fun local experiences. Postcard sized, it is easy to carry around while you’re out and about exploring. The goal is to complete as many of the activities as possible (not strictly following the rules of bingo we know, but Canada Bingo just has such a nice ring to it). Our recent visitors were almost successful in checking off the lot. Here’s how they went… 

Meet Susan and Eugene, Melbournians who crossed the Pacific to experience the Great White North this winter.

Susan & Eugene

Susan  & Eugene – the first ever Canada Bingo challengers.

By day, Susan works for a household name, international food giant, making sure that we consumers continue to enjoy the high quality, pest free products we have come to love. Eugene is the CEO of Noble Samurai, a confessed nerd who is the master of all things digital marketing. Combining Susan’s technical nouse and competitive personality with Eugene’s iPhone photography and navigation skills, they were excellent candidates to put our Canada Bingo prototype to the test.

Their trip started in Niagara Falls, one of the seven wonders of the natural world. A must-see tourist attraction just an hour and a half drive from Toronto, it was an obvious inclusion on the Canada Bingo experience list. Here’s the full list of what we included:

Canada Bingo: Toronto Edition

It was a lot of fun following along as they worked through the activities we selected. As a bonus, we got to check off some things we hadn’t done yet ourselves (feeding squirrels and navigating the length of The Path from Dundas Square to Union Station). Here are a few photographs of the whole experience:

You can also see a full collection of photographs by heading over to Eugene’s Instagram page or by checking out #TristanAndCindyBingoTO.

Unfortunately, due to poor weather (and poor organisation on our part), Susan and Eugene weren’t able to try their feet at ice skating. Nor were they able to catch a glimpse of the elusive raccoons which apparently plague Toronto. A pity, but a good excuse to come back and visit us again!

We absolutely love the concept of Canada Bingo – we had so much fun creating it and it served as an easy itinerary for a laid back holiday, which allowed exploration at our visitors’ own pace (especially when we weren’t able to be there as tour guides). We are definitely looking forward to sharing the game with all of our visitors and updating it with even more activities and experiences as we explore Canada further.

We are currently working on a summer edition for visitors joining us later this year so, if you’ve visited Toronto before or are a local here, we would love to know what you would include on Canada Bingo. And if you are visiting Toronto and would like your own copy of Canada Bingo, let us know – we would love to send you a copy!

– T & C

4 thoughts on “Canada Bingo: Toronto Edition

  1. What a fabulous idea. I might print off a copy of your card and hand them to my next lot of interstate visitors. Mind, Toronto’s a fair hike from here, so could prove a bit expensive for Auntie May, but still, it’s a fab idea.

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  2. SUCH a good invention you guys, LOVED it ! My favorite Instagram was Eugene’s video of the squirrel , and my favourite bit was the PATH challenge .. It’s just crazy to me you can do this whole underground wonderland of shops and cafés and restaurants when it’s freezing up there in the real world! And Niagara Falls wins the ‘mind blown’ award hands down against any other natural wonder yet, but it’s a tie between Tim Bits (especially the cinnamon nutmeg cream ones) against Beaver Tails for snacks – I love them both , thank goodness they were on the Bingo !!

    Liked by 1 person

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