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We are Tristan and Cindy.

We recently packed our Aussie lives into a 20 foot container destined for the Great White North and are now residents of Downtown Toronto.  Through this blog, we hope to chronicle our journey to #becomingcanadian – mostly for our own posterity but hopefully also in a way which will be entertaining for anyone who randomly stumbles upon this page, our little home on the information super highway.

Here you will find all things food p0rn, road trips with BJ (our Baby Jeep), the trials and tribulations of speaking Canadian as a second language, and pretty much anything else we feel like writing about on any given day.

As our blog name suggests, most (if not all) of our posts will occur late at night, as we are both chronic night owls.  This, of course, will work well for our one or two followers from Down Under – Hi Mum!!

We can’t guarantee our posts will be regular, but do promise to keep things lighthearted and to try to be at least mildly amusing.  We hope you enjoy sharing this adventure with us.

See you soon (or à bientôt, as they say in the other official language of Canada)!