Canada Bingo: Toronto Edition

We had some family come to visit us over the Christmas / New Year period. With just a couple of weeks to show them around our new home, we thought it would be a bit of fun to make a game of it – enter Canada Bingo, the Toronto edition.

We designed Canada Bingo to highlight some of the more Canadian things we have discovered while here, and tried to include a mix of tourist attractions, foodie activities, and fun local experiences. Postcard sized, it is easy to carry around while you’re out and about exploring. The goal is to complete as many of the activities as possible (not strictly following the rules of bingo we know, but Canada Bingo just has such a nice ring to it). Our recent visitors were almost successful in checking off the lot. Here’s how they went…  Continue reading

Planning Holidays When Your Life is One Long Holiday

Planning Holidays When Your Life is One Long Holiday

I should probably start by clarifying that our life is not actually one long holiday. Although we are away from our home country, Tristan and I are both working full-time jobs and endeavouring to live in Canada as locals. Of course, despite still needing to do all the mundane things you would when you are not on holiday – grocery shopping, renting an apartment, paying the bills, etc. – simply being away from “home” means it is nonetheless hard to kick that holiday feeling! Continue reading

Tristan’s Year in Review – Year #1

Tristan's First Snow Storm

Almost without me realising it, my first Canadian anniversary came and went recently and I thought that this would be a good opportunity to look back on the past year and reflect on how it fits into the story of Tristan Yeats. My life in Canada so far has not been dramatically different on a day-to-day basis from my life back in Canberra. Nonetheless, my first year has certainly been a significant one for me and hopefully this post will provide you a little insight into this.

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You’re an adult now Canada, it’s time to make a choice!

Weights & Measures

So, we touched on this briefly in one of our very early posts but I thought I would expand a bit on what must be one of the quirkier quirks we’ve had to get used to in Canada. I am, of course, referring to the exciting topic of weights and measures and Canadians’ seeming inability to make up their minds on whether to join the modern metric world or stick with the imperial system preferred by their ironically anti-imperial neighbour to the south (and west, I haven’t forgotten about you Alaska!).

For the record, Canada officially adopted the metric system in the 1970s for most everyday uses but, for whatever reason, the locals just don’t want to let the old ways go. Is it because they want the Americans to still think they’re cool or is this just Canada’s world renowned politeness coming into play, not wanting to impose on peoples’ ways of life.

Generally this doesn’t bother me too much as I’m pretty conversant in most things imperial and, thankfully, the one measurement that I can never really get a grip on (Fahrenheit) doesn’t seem to be commonly used, except in the kitchen. The lack of a uniform pattern of usage is, for the most part, a fairly harmless oddity and a mild annoyance but in some situations it just seems downright inefficient. Here are just a few examples that I’ve come across over the last 11 and a bit months: Continue reading

Welcome to Up Late With Tristan & Cindy

We have been in Canada for a few months now and are almost feeling like locals.  Just the other day, we were wandering through the Queen West neighbourhood and realised, for the first time, we actually knew exactly where we were and how to get home!

Anyway, now that we are somewhat settled in, we thought we would dive into sharing our first blog post so you can all have a little snapshot into what we have been up to.

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