Bucket List (n.) A list of things to do before you ‘kick the bucket’.  

Or in our case, a list of things to do while we are in North America!

To make sure we make the most of our time here, we have put together a list of the things we want to do and the places we want to visit.  We will cross items off as go and will add to the list as we come up with new ideas.

So, in no particular order, here goes…

  1. Start a blog! [Woohoo! Number 1 is already done.]
  2. Set foot in every province and territory of Canada (at least once).
  3. See the Northern Lights.
  4. Visit the Grand Canyon.
  5. See the Rockies.
  6. Eat Poutine.
  7. Go to a Maple Leafs game.
  8. Learn to make bagels.
  9. Go to a Raptors game.
  10. Go to a Blue Jays game.
  11. See a wild bear.
  12. Visit Amish Country.
  13. Eat a Beaver Tail.
  14. Ice skate on a frozen lake.
  15. Visit a Cabane à sucre (Sugar Shack) and try maple taffy.
  16. Make our own maple taffy.
  17. Ski Whistler.
  18. Stay in a cottage.
  19. Visit Yellowstone National Park.
  20. Go to the top of the CN Tower [and do the Edge Walk!]
  21. Take the train across Canada.
  22. Visit Quebec City.
  23. Visit Niagara Falls.
  24. Go to the home of Anne of Green Gables.
  25. See a moose.
  26. Visit Fabulous Las Vegas.
  27. See a beaver.
  28. See a salmon run.
  29. Visit the Toronto Islands.
  30. Go on a cruise to Alaska.
  31. Meet the Canadian Prime Minister [as long as it’s still Justin Trudeau, because he’s awesome].
  32. See the midnight sun.
  33. Walk in the Toronto Pride parade.
  34. Have a White Christmas.
  35. Ride a snow mobile.
  36. Host a Thanksgiving dinner.
  37. Drive across the Canadian/USA border.
  38. See a polar bear.
  39. Go to a Sharon, (Lois) and Bram concert.
  40. Learn the Canadian national anthem.
  41. Catch a ball at a baseball game.
  42. Sleep in an ice hotel.
  43. Go to Carnaval de Québec.
  44. Try all the flavours of Tim Bits.
  45. Learn the names of all 50 states in the United States of America (and their capitals).
  46. Visit all 50 states in the United States of America. [New York]
  47. Order (and drink) a Tim Horton’s Double Double.
  48. Drink a Bloody Caesar.

Are we missing something? Please let us know!

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